What Clients Say

What Clients Say

Executive for a leading private / commercial aircraft services company:

“The project was well planned. The project team, which included our IT management team, stayed focused, communicated well, and developed a good IT strategic plan going forward. Our team also benefited from learning and insights provided throughout the project. Congruiti’s partner and consultant did an excellent job in meeting our expectations. The project came in on time and under budget. We were very happy with the assessment and the value we received.”

The Managing Partner and the CEO for a market leading surgical hospital:

Our business growth over the past five years has been dramatic and highly successful, yet we knew we needed to address certain infrastructure gaps, clarify leadership roles and formalize our direction in order to keep growing profitably. Things just weren’t work in these areas as easily as the used to. Congruiti’s strategic assessment of our business helped us formalize and communicate our strategy, re-assign key leadership responsibilities and create a strategic transition plan for our business and for technology that helps position us for future, profitable growth. The results of Congruiti’s work exceeded our expectations.

The Chairman of the Board of a community bank:

“Our bank has faced many critical financial and market challenges since the ‘Financial Crisis’ of 2008.  Throughout this historic economic downturn and tough-times, our board of directors and bank management remained committed to strategic planning, even when daily issues were so prominent.  We knew that if we wanted to create a successful future for our customers, shareholders, employees and community, we had to do this vital strategic work.  Everyone pitched in, and we chose Congruiti to help us navigate this critical transition.  Over the past 18 months, with Congruiti’s assistance, we adopted an exciting strategic vision, streamlined our board oversight and governance, and are implementing an opportunity driven, profitable growth strategy.  As a result, our bank is ahead of schedule towards achieving its goals and near term earnings targets, and our board and management team are better aligned than ever in building our future.  Congruiti’s strategic assistance, governance facilitation, and business / technology insights have contributed significantly to our progress so far.”

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