IT delivers great value…but nobody believes it.


Face it, most people outside of IT (information technology) simply don’t care, nor have the time, to learn what IT is all about. All they know is that they need the information and support that technology provides—in the form they want it—now. This reality often creates “expensive and frustrating expectation gaps” between end user and IT areas.

Congruiti works with your teams to turn these gaps into opportunities, by addressing key questions such as:

  • What results must IT deliver and do well to maximize value for our organization?
  • We spend a lot on technology, how do we know we are getting the most for our money?
  • How can our IT team show that we are making the right technology choices and delivering great value?
  • How can IT be a strategic partner in the business, rather than an order taker?
  • How can IT operate at best cost, security and reliability, while ensuring we have the resources to meet the needs of the organization?
  • How can our IT team better quantify and communicate the impact of budget decisions on our ability to deliver the services and solutions our organization needs, when it needs it?
  • How can our IT team build trust and credibility within the organization related to our answers and estimates?


Congruiti helps your end user and IT teams work together to create, prioritize and implement a strategic technology plan that leverages the power of technology to seize opportunities and achieve your goals. This enhanced teamwork and trust will create dramatic results—for your customers and your bottom line. The results—more customer value, more successful projects, increased ROI…

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