Do we have the right systems, the right data?  How do we know?


These are pretty basic questions. However, in today’s technology intensive world, knowing these answers can be critical to your organization’s success.  To a great degree, your systems and data run your organization and help you keep customer promises. On the other hand, information technology (IT) can be one of the most mysterious and costly areas of your organization. Moreover, IT is often considered an overhead expense—one that requires continual investment and high-priced talent. Congruiti believes that technology should NOT be a “black box”—nor should IT be seen as a “black hole” for resources. We help your organization create, prioritize and implement a strategic technology plan, so you will “…know you have the right systems and data.”


In the process, we help you address key questions like:

  • We’ve been successful. But it feels as if our growth has outpaced our operations. Does our technology really support the way we need to do business?
  • Why can’t our computers do what we need them to do?  Why does it take so long and cost so much to get things done?  Do we need a new system, or do we need to use our current systems better?
  • Technology is changing so fast—Smart phones, tablets, cloud computing, virtualization, BYOD (bring your own device), security, big data, etc. What does this all mean? What should we do? Where and when do we invest?
  • Where can we use technology to: Increase sales?  Improve service?  Get a competitive edge?  Help achieve our goals?”
  • Our customers are using technology in new ways, some we’ve never thought of—what does this mean for us?
  • Technology is one of the most expensive parts of our business. What does it really cost?  What should it cost?  What’s our return?  Is IT really worth running ourselves?
  • We’ve hired great talent in our IT department, why don’t we have better results?
  • I wish I could trust the answers I get from IT, but…


Congruiti helps you leverage the value that “…the right systems and data” can bring your organization and bottom line. We help your IT area deliver and communicate their value in clear business terms. Through clarity, teamwork and results, trust grows—trust that helps get things done—trust that enhances the value your customers receive. The results—higher customer satisfaction, goals achieved, peace of mind…

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