Where Do You Add Value?

How can we deliver great value for every customer?

Every organization has opportunities to deliver great value—and many of them involve information. Congruiti helps you develop and implement a strategic technology plan to maximize these opportunities. In the process, we work closely with your team to answer key questions like: “Do our employees and teams have the information they need, when they need it, to serve our customers?” OR “Our customers are using technology in new ways—some we’ve never thought of—what does this mean for us?” OR “Where can we use technology to increase the value we deliver for our customers?” The results—higher customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and new opportunities…MORE

Do we have the right systems—the right data? How do we know?

These are pretty basic questions. However in today’s technology intensive world, your organization needs to “…know it has the right systems and data.” Congruiti works closely with your team to create and implement a strategic technology plan, so you “…know you have the right systems and data.” In the process, we help your organization address critical opportunities like: ” We’ve been successful, but does our technology really support the way we need to do business?” OR “Why can’t our computers do what we need them to do? Why does it take so long and cost so much to get things done?” OR “Where can we use technology to increase sales, improve service, gain a competitive edge, achieve our goals?” The results—higher customer satisfaction, goals achieved, peace of mind…MORE

“IT delivers great value to our organization, but nobody believes it.”

Face it, most people outside of IT (information technology) simply don’t care what IT is all about. All they know is that they need the information and support that IT provides—in the form they want it—now. This often creates expensive and frustrating “expectation gaps” between end user and IT areas. Congruiti works with your team to help turn these gaps into opportunities by addressing key issues such as: “What results must IT deliver to maximize its value for our organization?” OR “How can IT be a strategic partner in the organization, rather than an merely order-taker?” OR “We spend a lot on technology, how do we know we are getting the most for our money?” The results—more customer value, more successful projects, increased ROI…MORE

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