Case Studies

Case Studies

TECHNOLOGY:      Congruiti recently assisted the corporate technology leader of a market leading financial services software company and his team with developing a business and financial case for implementing a ground-breaking collaboration platform to serve more than 2200 employees worldwide.  The resulting business case clarified how this major project, using innovative “cloud computing” technology, would help the company achieve its key strategic objectives and in the process, save more than $8 million over the next five years.  It was well received and approved by executive management.  Building on these results, Congruiti also helped this leader define a “repeatable project business case process” that uses a strategic objectives driven approach to identify and screen future IT project ideas.  This process will enable the company’s management team to efficiently screen, prioritize and approve business technology projects with the best potential leverage and results going forward.

BANKING:      Over the past eighteen (18) months, Congruiti has been assisting the board and management of a community bank in the upper Midwest with defining its strategic vision and goals, improving its board governance and building its technology capabilities.  Assisted by this work, with strong board and management leadership, the bank has emerged from difficult financial circumstances ahead of schedule.  With a clear strategic plan, the bank is producing promising results towards its vision to become the dominant bank in its market area.  At the board level, a new and efficient strategic visioning and bank oversight process has been implemented, using a balanced score approach.  Congruiti has also assisted and guided the bank’s IT committee and VP of IT and operations in developing a technology plan that will help the bank realize its vision by being easier to do business with, save money, and by using data to unlock its potential to attract and best serve chosen customers, and to grow profitably.

HEALTHCARE:      Congruiti completed a strategic business assessment for a fast growing clinic and hospital group The result was a recommended re-alignment of executive roles and responsibilities that will leverage the talents, experience and teamwork of their executive team, while setting the stage for future growth. We are also assisting the client with selecting and implementing EMR (electronic medical record) and PM (practice management) technology to improve their efficiency, patient care, and help create a business and technology platform for future growth opportunities.

RESEARCH:      Congruiti worked with a leading health care research firm to develop technology strategic plans for two of their key business units. Our project team was comprised of talented client leaders and our partners. As a result of this project, our client’s business units have clear action plans for improving their use of and ROI from technology. A related recommendation is also helping one business unit approach its business transformation in a “holistic” way that will lead to faster business results and stronger competitiveness.

AVIATION SERVICES:      Congruiti worked closely with a market leading, commercial aircraft services company to develop a new IT strategic plan. This company is a market leader in their very competitive industry segment. The purpose of this project was to: 1) validate their technology platforms, and 2) develop a strategic plan of key business and IT initiatives to support the company’s rapid growth. Using the approach described above, this project produced a five (5) year IT strategic plan and investment forecast, that senior management is using to prioritize and guide the company’s key business and IT investments to:

  • Help win additional business,
  • Enhance customer relationships,
  • Address key skill and/or resource gaps, and
  • Reduce service delivery costs.

NON-PROFIT:      Using our same “strengths-based” approach, Congruiti helped a successful and growing faith-based, non-profit ministry, develop a new five-year strategic business plan and operational scorecard.

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