The Congruiti Approach

What are you promising to your customers?


This is our starting point at Congruiti.  We listen to understand what you are promising your customers and what they expect from you.  Next we “zero in” on your key business technology opportunities and challenges.  In the process we learn about how your organization does business and what makes it successful—its unique strengths.  Then we combine your insights and experience with ours to define and implement the right first project and to build a business technology game plan and IT blueprint that addresses your top priorities—one that delivers significant value and results.

One of our unique elements is our practice of inviting client personnel join our project teams. Doing so enhances learning and skills acquisition during the project, adding considerable value for our clients. This leads to faster results because our clients’ own people know and understand the action plan very well—and are equipped for and committed to its success.

It doesn’t matter whether we start on the business or technology end of the process, Congruiti approaches every challenge with three guiding principles in mind: Clarity. Trust. Transformation.

Clarity is creating a clear understanding of your business situation and how technology can be optimized within your strategy, people and processes to achieve your organization’s goals. Clarity is also about understanding “why’s” and “how’s” of what people do. IT better understands the business objectives-and business management better understands what IT does and what it takes to deliver what business is asking of IT. We help clear the fog and confusion that often characterize technology initiatives, and business and IT relationships.

Trust is established from clarity, congruence and the achievement that result-and is fundamental to the ability of the organization to operate effectively and efficiently. The organization’s energies are congruent-with everyone focused on and working together toward the same goals. There is great communication-getting things done as agreed. This builds even greater trust.

Transformation occurs within the organization once clarity and trust have been established. Businesses run better and easier. People are better informed and work together better. Customers receive better service. And the overall results of the organization improve.

At Congruiti, we operate our own business on these principles. So you always know what we’re doing. Why we’re doing it. When it will be done. And, what you can expect in terms of deliverables and cost.

Sound refreshing? You bet. That’s why you should contact Congruiti today for a no-obligation initial conversation.

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